My next post I’m planning is how to make your own unusual stamps, from items you probably. LAINESWORLD CARD MAKING SCRAPBOOKING & CRAFT SUPPLIES – Insch Aberdeenshire: Craft Shop – For all your card making supplies – peel offs from 30p embellishments and card stock. Six experienced craft authors show how to make simple yet beautiful flower-themed greeting cards in this creative guide. Free printables and instructions to make your own waterfall card with spirelli. Spirelli-String Art, Learn how to use a scallop circle punch and thread to create beautiful Spirelli accents for cards or scrapbook pages! (No Ratings Yet). I love card making and spirelli is a great way to relax while enjoying this lovely craft. Spirelli has got to be one of the most relaxing crafts available. Craft Site Directory guide to card making information, supplies, projects and handmade cards on the Internet. Join us in making beautiful cards using the Holly Berry House stamps.

Metal templates used to make your own Spirelli shapes. The extra text has been removed from Free Printables Part 1(the spirelli template) so you can print the template directly onto the card stock you will be using to make the spirelli. Origami is the art of paper-folding; spirelli is the art of winding thread, yarn or wire around a shape to create a pattern or picture. What are Spirelli goto top of page Spirelli Embellishments are made by winding thread onto a cutout spirelli shape. FIDGETY FINGERS. Spirelli scalloped circles, squares, ovals, flowers, splash, thread, instructions, Nestability die-cuts, Quilling paper strips, tools, Iris folding cards & papers. Scalloped shapes for card making templates,circles,ovals,flowers,squares,instructions,metallic thread,gift packs,Spirelli kits. You know how I hate to waste anything (!) so I save the edge pieces. Pre-cut shapes make it fast and simple to create Spirelli cards on the go!. Thanks for your patience – today I can finally give you. This video is a tutorial on how to create spirelli (Dutch string art) embellishments for scrapbooking or card making. Spirelli Templates Metal templates used to make your own Spirelli shapes.

Step-by-step instructions, templates, and
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